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Private Art Collection

April 28, 2017
Art Gallery: Frederick R Weisman Foundation

Where would the art world be without the patronage of passionate private collectors? And where better to see their spoils than in private house museums, created specially to show off their curated treasures? You may not have heard the name Frederick R Weisman, but the late US businessman-turned-art collector was an influential entrepreneur and philanthropist, and visiting his foundation to ogle his hand-picked modern and contemporary art is an LA insider secret.

In 1982, Weisman purchased his Los Angeles estate to serve as a showcase for his personal collection of 20th-century art. He and his wife Billie Milam Weisman, an art conservator and curator, worked together to create a unique environment located within the Mediterranean-style villa.

This staggering C.20th villa near Beverly Hills – home to Weisman’s awesome personal collection of Bacons, de Koonings, Kandinskys, Magrittes and Rothkos – isn’t open to just anyone. Pre-arrange your docent-led tour (10.30am and 2pm Mon-Fri) for exclusive access. Blissfully tucked away from the great unwashed, it also hosts wonder works by Euro Modernists Cezanne and Picasso, Surrealists Ernst and Miro, post-war sculptors Giacometti, Noguchi and Calder, and Pop Artists Warhol, Lichtenstein and Oldenburg.

Half the fun is seeing such bold art in kooky contrast to the Mediterranean-style late-1920s villa and its fancy furniture and fittings. Snapped up by Weisman in 1982, the estate’s house was built by Gordon B Kaufmann, and flaunts hand-painted ceilings, ornate stucco craftwork and fine wood-inlaid floors. In 1991, a contempo annex, or art pavilion, by Franklin D Israel was added to display larger-scale works. You can also tour the surrounding garden. The result is world-respected art shared in an intimate domestic setting. Perfect pairing!

Frederick R Weisman Foundation / 265 N Carolwood Dr / Beverly Hills / +1 310 277 5321 / 10am-4pm Mon-Fri /