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Sushi Sensei

October 12, 2015



Much like a rough diamond can be cut, polished, set within delicate platinum confines and surrounded by other precious stones, so too is sushi carefully sliced, shaped and thoughtfully bestowed. There are even occasions when the price tags are not so dissimilar either.

Take Beverly Hills’ temple of kaiseki, Urasawa, which also just so happens to be Los Angeles’ most expensive restaurant. Not that Angelenos seem to mind parting with their hard-earned dollar when it comes to Hiroyuki Urasawa’s fine dining den.

The tiny 10-seater is frequently named one of the top restaurants of its kind in the States, ranking just behind the Nippon itamae’s former mentor and the man he inherited the space from, Masayoshi Takayama.


And while the spartan interiors – all bare walls and pared back maple counters – are nothing to write home about, they provide the clean sheet upon which Urasawa can exhibit his edible art form.


As is to be expected from a diner quite as costly as this one, the quality of ingredients really is second to none. Fish is flown in daily from Japan and the up to 30-course menu is crafted depending on what is fresh and in season.

The stars of the ever-spectacular show, however, remain the pristine sashimi arranged over a sculpted block of ice on a nightly basis. All that’s needed to complete the experience is a healthy serving of small-batch sake and some hand-whisked matcha to send you on your way.


218 N Rodeo Dr / Beverly Hills / +1 310 247 8939 / 6pm-9pm Tue-Sat

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