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Pod Body Perfect

February 13, 2014


Anyone who’s thrown themselves full-pelt at a treadmill or repped a sweaty dumbbell will know that increasing your fitness can be fairly straightforward with the right work ethic, but toning your body in the right spots, by the inch, can prove rather more challenging. Well not anymore according to Iobella, the latest Latin American workout craze to whizz north of the border. This Argentinian spa-cum-fitness brand creates tailored plans to achieve your ideal silhouette, whether it be building on those fabulous glutes or banishing that postnatal tum... Oh, and that’s not all, ladies – the workout takes place in a futuristic temperature-controlled pod. Huh?!

Let us explain: these small tent-sized pods are heated to the body’s natural temperature (98 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to maximize flexibility, and to ramp up your fat-burning metabolism during your trainer-guided workout – imagine a concentrated, high octane equivalent of Bikram Yoga, all geared towards sculpting and improving endurance without damaging your joints. Exercise is habitually followed by an O3 (triple oxygen) renewal treatment in a spa cabin (heated to 80 degrees) that allegedly soothes muscles, tones and hydrates skin, eliminates toxins and improves the appearance of cellulite. Hydrafacials, thermal jade massages, and all-important nutrition counselling are also available. Already a go-to spot for Buenos Aires A-listers, could it be that the Los Angeles style set are inching closer?

507 Wilshire Blvd / Santa Monica / +1 310 579 2078 /