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Magic Carpets

October 13, 2014
Yike Gallery

Looking to cosy up the clinical tiles that are seemingly the default underfoot option in every city apartment? Indeed, Beijing-based homemakers have no shortage of carpet choices with street markets and stores overflowing with Tibetan wool rugs, silks from Henan and – dare we say it – more than the odd Iranian knock-off made in Shandong. But, for those looking to get some authentic Persian plush-pile between their toes, there is one rather special destination: Sanlitun’s Yike Gallery, home to intricate Bakhtiari-made carpets and painting-like tapestries, all hand-woven and imported directly from Iran by native Komeil Nasrollahi.

The extensive selection ranges from thick camel-trimmed traditional designs to modern angular styles, all artisanally crafted using a time-honoured technique – the largest and most detailed pieces can take up to two years to create (and almost as long to pay off – yikes, indeed!). But if you just can’t bring yourself to walk all over such workmanship, dramatic tapestries displaying classic Persian miniatures, delicate flowers, lavish landscapes and strapping stallions are also available (with or without gold-leaf adorned framing), and for those short on floor and wall space, Yike also sells chic woven clutches, shoulder bags and crafty carpet-covered vases that won’t break the bank or your luggage weight limit. Head in, rug up.

Yashow Market West Wide / Sanlitun / 10am-8pm daily /