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Baroque Beats

October 12, 2015
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Baroque buff or not, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a concerti that cannot fail to get the heart racing. A fact that Grammy-nominated mandolinist and all-round hot property Avi Avital will corroborate as he prepares to grace the main stage of the NCPA for one night only.

Celebrating his forthcoming album Vivaldi (Deutsche Grammophon), dedicated to putting the mandolin back on the melody map, Avital will not fail to energise the audience and orchestra either with his symphonic spirit.

And while Avital is today recognised as one of the world’s most exciting young musicians, The Four Seasons was a game-changer in its time too. The concerti’s curious aural descriptions – not just of the changing times but of barking dogs, buzzing mosquitoes, howling herdsmen and half-cut carousers – have enticed ears for more than 300 years and it remains one of the most recognised pieces of classical music.

Written in the classical concerto form, which sees one soloist – Avital in this case – playing opposite a bigger ensemble – shoes filled by the celebrated Kölner Akademie – the performance will play tribute to Vivaldi’s tour de force, while at the same time injecting it with more than a little modernity. Baroque on!

30 Oct, 2015.

National Centre for the Performing Arts / Xi Chang'an Jie / Xicheng / +86 10 6655 0989 / for tickets and details visit

Photos courtesy of Harald Hoffman / DG for Deutsche Grammophon.