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Pho Real

April 15, 2014

Vietnam Station

One of Beijing’s most striking edifices in steel and glass, Parkview Green is fast becoming the go-to glam spot for great eats with the likes of Opera Bombana , Alfie’s, and Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar  as just a few of the high-end options now on offer. Another recent addition to this haute edit is Vietnam Station, a modern Vietnamese restaurant dotted with original prints by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, and finished with an expensive polish in keeping with its sparkling mall setting.

However, unlike its fine-dining forebears, the menu here is refreshingly down-to-earth, featuring hearty bowls of warming pho and slow-cooked curry. Classic share plates start with chewy deep-fried spring rolls with a pork and mushroom stuffing and house chilli dipping sauce; shredded chicken salad heaped with crispy jellyfish strips and lightly doused with a sesame dressing; and grilled sweet shrimp paste fused onto juicy sugarcane skewers. But the menu really comes into its own with a whole-page selection of aromatic chilli and lemongrass noodle soups laced with meaty portions of pork knuckle and strips of rare beef. Especially warming is their cooked-until-gorgeously-tender beef brisket and potato curry, spiked with a good slap of ginger – perfect for putting a pep back in to that flagging mid-retail step!

LG/F 2-10 / Parkview Green Mall / 9 Dongdaqiao Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 5690 7810 / 10am-10pm daily