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Red Era Retro

November 16, 2015
The Red Capital Club

Beijing might be a thoroughly mod-minded metropolis nowadays, moving forward at breakneck speed, but there are certain pockets of the Chinese capital where you can still get a glimpse of what the city was like in the early, idealism-driven days of the Cultural Revolution. And undoubtedly, the most sumptuously styled and deliciously kitsch example of this is retro resto-cum-bar The Red Capital Club.

Nestled in an old hutong among the courtyard homes of leaders past and present, the casual Dongsi Jiutiao diner is marked by a vintage limo – once the wheels of government power players. 

Roll through the gate and you’ll find a classic, vibrantly rouge courtyard that leads through to a small drinking lounge loaded with propaganda posters, gimmicky trinkets, books dating from the Great Leap Forward and cushy velvet armchairs, supposedly taken from the Great Hall of the People.

Take a quick pre-prandial – shaken up by a bartender in vintage army fatigues – then duck through to the dining room decked out with Qing robes and porcelain. On the menu, what else but the sort of suppings Mao and co. once favoured. Think Yang Shangkun’s Bean-Curd Shreds (named for the Long March hero), chilli-fried pigeon eggs with little figurines cleverly carved from vegetables, and fish baked in bamboo. March over, comrade!

66 Dongsijiutaio / Dongcheng / +86 10 8401 8886 / dinner daily