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A Literary Extravaganza

March 07, 2014

The International Bookworm Festival

Beijing’s top bookshop and lending library The Bookworm  is currently setting the stage for its 8th edition of the annual International Bookworm Festival, where for two weeks this month the space will be transformed into a hub of literary, intellectual and creative buzz, generated by writers, intellectuals, artists and performers from China and beyond. This year the likes of Man Asian short-lister Musharraf Ali Farooqi, multiple award-winning novelist David Vann, and influential poet Xi Chuan will be just a few of the literary bigshots to make an appearance for both readings and discussions.

In only two weeks, the festival crams in more than 70 events ranging from performances and book talks to children’s storytelling sessions and picture-book-making workshops. You’ll be hard pressed to find time to see it all, but don’t miss the return of ‘Translation Slam’, a guaranteed-good-time verbal duel between two linguists who will try to produce the most accurate interpretations of the famous Tibetan folk band, Neemah, while maintaining rhythm, rhyme and metre. Also not to be missed is a panel discussion by revered authors Yan Lianke and Lao Ma, who will explore the widely growing flash fiction genre in which entire stories are written in as little as 300 words. Read on!

From March 7-21, 2014.

The Bookworm / Bldg 4 / Sanlitun Nan Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 6586 9570 /