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Percussion Power

June 27, 2016

Who’d have thought banging a few bins could be such an exhilarating experience? Working with boots, brooms, bin tops, drum sticks, Zippo lighters, matchboxes, paint rollers and even supermarket trolleys, Stomp mixes dance, movement, music and attitude, with a denim-clad troupe tapping into industrial-street sounds to create electrifying rhythms.

Founded by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, Britain's percussion stage sensation has swept nearly every nation, with up to five companies touring simultaneously in London, New York, North America, Europe and internationally. They’ve performed at the Oscars, the London Olympics and in Apple ads. Now in 2016, the Stomp crew celebrates its 25th year with a stint at the PLA Theatre in Beijing.

Using no words and few trad melodies, Stomp’s shows can be understood by anyone, and should convert even that easily bored child or hard-to-please husband who might not normally enjoy ballet, classical music or contemporary dance (the ideal gift for the person who has everything). It’s about accessible, in-your-face, essential rhythms, taking their cue from the beating heart and universal drumming. There’s humour too, as the eight guys and girls play off against each other, join together in a group, or compete to outshine their rivals with their own individual personality quirks.

Be warned, you might find it hard to resist banging your garbage cans with a mop once you get back home.

29 Jun – 17 Jul, 2016.

PLA Theatre / 60 Deshengmen Nei Dajie / Xicheng / +86 10 6613 1718 / see theatre’s website or for tickets /