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Relax n’ Revive

December 26, 2016
How To Find Your Zen In Beijing
Post-mad Christmas rush, it’s always good to realign those chakras. To soothe your spirit get bendy with stress-busting yoga, take a walk on the wild side (botanically speaking), and savour an indulgent, body-boosting massage.

Rise and shine with the early birds to ease into your best downward dog at Yoga Yard, Sanlitun’s centre for yoga and wellness, with all-level classes in English and Chinese. Offering time to de-stress, chill out and flex that chi, sessions include restorative yoga, Iyengar, meditation, chanting and Vinyasa dance. It’s also a chance to model your new alluring athleisure-wear – just saying.

Next up, go for a serene amble in the beautiful Beijing Botanical Gardens, exploding with blossom in spring but still postcard-pretty in snowy winter. Backdropped by the Western Hills about a kilometre from Fragrant Hills Park, it’s a sanctuary of bamboo, pines, peonies, lilies and medicinal herbs. Warm up in the humid rainforest hothouse in the Tropical Conservatory, packed with over 3,000 varieties of plants including extravagant orchids and carnivores. The venerable Wofo Temple, housing a huge reclining Sakyamuni Buddha statue, and Cao Xueqin Memorial to the acclaimed writer, offer stimulating brain food.

Finally, indulge in The Peninsula’s two-hour Jade Hot Stone Massage, harnessing the health-promoting powers of jade – often dubbed the Stone of Heaven – and healing aromatherapy oils. This exquisite pampering treat includes a cleansing facial, energy-grounding techniques and an acupressure head massage before heated jade stones are applied with long, soothing deep massage strokes. Tension begone! The sophisti spa, all Sino-sleek wooden lattices, marble and granite, is dreamy too. Ohmmm!

Yoga Yard / 6/F / 17 Gongti Beilu / Chaoyang / +86 10 6413 0774 /
Beijing Botanical Gardens / Xiangshan Lu / Haidian / +86 10 6259 1283 / 7am-5pm daily (gardens), 8.30am-4.30pm daily (buildings) /
Spa at The Peninsula / 8 Jinyu Hutung / Wangfujing / +86 10 6510 6871 / 10am-11pm daily /