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Radiance Triumvirate

September 28, 2015
Radiance, Radiance Blue + Radiance Trunk

The saying might be ‘like mother, like daughter’, but in the case of retro-loving relations Rey Huang and Samuel Hsin it’s more a case of ‘like mother, like son’. 

The former is the gimlet-eyed collector behind 12-year-old Shunyi antique trove Radiance, long renowned for its beautiful carved-wood Sino furnishings, classic ceramics and ornate lamps.

And thankfully for the vintage vixens of Beijing, Rey’s oldest son has recently taken up the family mantle (albeit focusing more on fashion) with the opening of Radiance Blue and Radiance Trunk. Two equally appealing but distinctly different apparel stores.

Looking rather like a turn-of-the-century gent's club – think moss green walls and plenty of wood – you might expect Radiance Blue to be all about the glad rags. But the beau boutique puts more of a focus on classic men’s (and some women’s) workwear with casual duds, denim and boots from US and Asian old-school loving labels like Rising Sun, Big John and Yuketen, plus China’s own Red Cloud and Made by Scrub.

Over at Sanlitun’s Radiance Trunk, the shop design stays dapper but gear goes exclusively Euro – think army-style canvas rucksacks, blazers and shirts by Britain’s Nigel Cabourn, and dandy Sandi wears from Hansen. After a visit to these three lovelies, you may well have to repack your own trunk! 

Radiance / 118a Shunhuang Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 8459 4931 / 9am-6pm daily

Radiance Blue / 36 Fangyuan Xilu / Dashanzi / +86 10 6435 7392 / 1-9pm Tue-Sun /

Radiance Trunk / 30 Sanlitun Bei Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 6409 4484 / 1-9pm Tue-Sun