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Passionate About Paper

May 27, 2014

Paper Talk

One of ‘The Four Great Inventions’ (which also included gunpowder, the printing press, and the compass), paper is regarded as an indication of some of the most astonishing advancements of ancient China, and while the ebullient nation soldiers on to develop many other technologies, some of the best paper products in the world are still to be found in China today. A case in point is Paper Talk, a cosy and colourful modern stationary haven tucked away in a Dongcheng hutong, and absolutely bursting forth with beautifully crafted notebooks, whimsical postcards, cutely motiffed gift-wrap, and leaf-embossed letter-writing kits.

However, paper-passionate owner Haiyi adds to the mix by sourcing her wide array of wood-pulp wares from small-scale suppliers not just in China, but in Korea, Thailand and Japan, as well as making her own custom items, including traditional Chinese envelopes and pretty paper lanterns. Stationary nuts and crafty types will be in their element stocking up on Nepalese hand-painted paper bags and super-fine sheets from Japan. And even if you don’t have a particular proclivity for papery products, Paper Talk is still a great option for lightweight gifts and sweet souvenirs, such as hand-printed cards and strings of delicate origami cranes. Coffee and a small selection of drinks are also available in-store to provide that all-essential mid-stationary-stock-up pep. Pencil it in!

12 Fangjia Hutong / Dongcheng / 12pm-7pm daily / +86 10 8403 8935