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Hands On Taps!

February 27, 2014

NBeer Pub

Lay your ear to the ground when passing through Ping'anli, and you may well hear a faint rumbling... Is it the sound of the metro grinding along underground? No, it’s the sound of Beijing’s beer boffins jumping for joy! For craft ale aficionados Yin Hai and Xiao Bian’r have put their love of suds to good use with the creation of NBeer Pub, an edgy new hangout clocking in with almost 500 bottled beers from around the world, and another 37 on tap. What’s more, the atmospheric, dimly lit space boasts not only Beijing’s largest fridge, but also thirteen in-house fermentation tanks and one epic brewing machine imported from the US.

Not only does NBeer match the famous Great Leap  in enthusiasm and know-how, but even outstrips them in terms of sheer breadth of stock, including some of China’s most sought-after microbrews like Tipsy Face, Panda, Slow Boat, Master Gao's, and Harvest. Just be warned to pour carefully, as some rare imports will set you back as much as 2,000RMB, while others like the Sink the Bismark boast a staggering 41% ABV. But what really has the beer lovers in a froth is their in-house brewing workshop, where you too can brew your own 20-litre kegs with custom-designed labels included. Now, how’s that for pint posterity?

1/F Huguo Xintiandi / 85 Huguosi Dajie / Xicheng / +86 10 8328 8823 / 3pm-late daily