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Twice As Sweet

May 06, 2014

Macaron & Éclairs

While one-trick specialty restaurants are enjoying their time in the sun of late (see this week’s PenCities LA recommendation, L’Assiette, this is one occasion when we sure are glad an existing eatery has diversified its offering. Introducing Macaron & Éclairs, the straightforwardly monikered Chaoyang patisserie serving up a double-pronged waistline assault via devastatingly delicious pastries alongside a simple supporting roster of teas and coffees.

A feast for the eyes before the mouth and stomach even get a look in, M&E’s two-tier glass cabinet is chock-a-block with colourful discs and elaborately decorated logs of confection, the likes of which are not commonly found in Beijing. Crispy-chewy signature macarons like the bright purple blueberry blackcurrant, latte-hued Bailey’s espresso, and leaf-coloured green tea chocolate (to name but a few) set the scene, while whimsically-adorned, perfectly puffy éclairs take centre stage. Rose cranberry is a glistening log of rose-flavoured cream, choux pastry and petal-accented pink icing; pistachio strawberry is topped with fluffy peaks of nutty cream and chunky slices of the namesake berry; and almond hazelnut combines smooth, creamy centre with a crunchy nutty crust. Those dining in can opt for a java or herbal tea accompaniment, but if you take-out you can reach for that second helping in the privacy of your hotel room. Sweet!

1/F / 6 Gongti Dong Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 6500 6085 / 10.30am-9pm daily