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Cocktail Cathedral

April 04, 2016
Infusion Room

When it comes to the spirit of 2016, which will win out – whisky or gin? It seems both are rising in the style stakes, with bars dedicated to the worship of individual liquor types becoming our tipple-sipping destinations of choice. Beijing’s Infusion Room doesn’t make you choose just one pleasing potion though, offering a shrine to innovative elixirs from rum to cognac, whisky and gin. It’s tricky to access but repays the effort in spades (or rather stylish hangovers).

Hidden behind a passcode-activated door, above LUXE fave D Lounge in Chaoyang, this polished concrete loft centres around a towering altar of top-notch single malt, triple-distilled and small-batch liquors, all expertly curated and mixed by the knowledgeable bartenders (including Paul Hsu, known for some of the most creative cocktail lists in town).

Boundary-pushing signature drinks include the Aged Manhattan, featuring sous-vide oolong-infused bourbon served in a chilly pewter flask in a smoking cedar box. One pretty-in-pink ‘tail even comes with its own nest. Pricey but nicey.

The interior looks like a contemporary cathedral, with tables for two, a sociable booth and sultry seats pulled up to the glossy counter bar hung with glowy pendant bulbs. The triangulated bar backdrop itself lights up at night like a sexy spaceship, the better to showcase the shelves of dreamy drops within. Perfect for date nights or close encounters of the cocktail kind…

2/F / D Lounge Courtyard / 4 Gongti Bei Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 6593 7710 / 8pm-2am daily