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Top of the Hops

June 22, 2015
Great Leap Brewing #45
There was a time when Beijingers in search of artisanal ale would find themselves perpetually dry of throat. Thankfully, however, those days are long gone. The amber wave is gathering momentum and at its frothy crest is hutong hoppery Great Leap Brewing, which has recently added a third establishment – Great Leap Brewing #45 – to its already impressive inventory.

Located in Xinyuanli, GLB’s newest nook adheres to the same philosophy as its sister saloons. Namely, that if you’re going to do something, do it right. First off, they got the brew down pat. Second, they started flipping some of the city’s best burgers. And third (rendering the profligate trinity complete), they turned out a 16-inch pie that would make even Mario proud.
Overseeing the kitchen is top toque Kin Hong, who enlisted the help of Philly-based pizza consultant Daniel Gutter. The result? A curated menu of six pizzas; three ‘red’ (tomato-based) and three ‘white’ (garlic oil-based). Choose between toppings like spicy Italian sausage and pickled peppers (The Little Nunzio), or courgette, black-pepper ricotta and food-of-the-hipsters, kale (The Green Machine).

But of course, you mustn’t forget why you’re really here – the beer! Bubbling away in the on-display brewing kettles are all 17 of the house nectars, including the perennially popular #6 and Honey Ma blends. A couple of taps are reserved for guest tipples and one for a fizz-tastic non-boozy ginger beer. One small step for man, one giant leap for barley pop!
45-1 Xinyuan Jie / Chaoyang / +86 10 5947 6984 / 11am-1am Sun-Thu, till 2am Fri-Sat /