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Get Lucky

August 22, 2016
Lucky Bar
Picture a sexy corrugated shack… Erm, no luck?! Then make the trip over to funky little Beijing drinking den Lucky and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. This worth-the-schlep, offbeat, rough-luxe Changping watering hole has been a raging hit with the local hipcats and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Local archi studio Robot3 Design is behind the cocoon-like setting of corrugated metal, industrial-chic pendant lamps and accent verdure. You could fix up your lipstick in the super-reflective, glossy tables and gleaming stainless-steel seats, handy for a flirty drink or dinner.

Originally a humble ramen shop, the restaurant has been transformed into a blingin’ bar-meets-barbecue hut, making a merit of the small space to create a shiny, slinky box. Created on a limited budget in a tricky location, it proves you can achieve simple chic even when harnessing bargain-budget materials (we’re talking galvanised iron plates, PVC curtains and paint, interiors fans!).

The chefs here specialise in skewered meat barbecue, so leave your veggie pals at home. It’s a relaxed, informal affair, aided by low-slung stools that set a chilled tone. Most of the tables seat two or four, with a larger eight-person communal table with high stools in a screened-off chamber at the back, lit by a lavish chandelier. So get your tasty meat fix, then kick back with a beer, and soak up the moody reflections. With clubby coloured mood lighting, this lucky spot looks even better illuminated at night…

Lucky Bar / 43 Kexing Xi Lu / Changping / +86 10 8075 2770 / 4pm-midnight daily