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Get Fit Quick

January 02, 2017
Keep Fit In The Capital!
Scoffed n’ sipped your way through December? Then it’s time to press the reset button. Tackle your New Year’s fitness resolutions with a calorie-burning workout session – the ideal holiday pick-me-up – or sign up for a short programme. Your midriff (and Tinder profile) will thank you…

Join the CrossFit cult, which has hit China with a clutch of “boxes” opening up across town. The best is Beijing’s first Reebok-recognised, CrossFit-affiliated sweatbox CrossFit Slash, occupying a large, industrial-chic Sanlitun space boasting fab facilities and the city’s best instructors. Regular, hourly classes help you navigate this fast-paced fitness format, a strength and conditioning programme involving pulling, pushing, squatting, running and lifting that’s beloved by military and martial arts types. The studio also specialises in aerial silks, pole dancing, breakdancing, and other bendy trends.

Pay for a one-off drop-in class or a week of unlimited access. Bilingual instructors conduct classes in both English and Chinese simultaneously, so you can expand your Mandarin vocab while you shrink your thighs!

For pulse-pumping, feel-good cardio capers, jump around with the exercise addicts at Swedish-run Heyrobics. Through winter the new high-energy, music-fuelled aerobics sessions are held inside venues kitted out with requisite air filters, with sessions to suit all levels. Remember, maintaining your fitness regime while on vacay means you can indulge in those xiaolongbao guilt free!

CrossFit Slash / B/1 / North Bldg / Shimao Mall / 13 Gongti Bei Lu / Chaoyang / +86 10 8424 4001 / 7am-9.30pm Mon-Fri, 9.30am-5.30pm Sat-Sun / + branch /

Heyrobics / British School of Beijing / 5 Sanlitun Xi Liu Jie / Chaoyang / + branch /