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Bavarian Breakfast

May 26, 2014

Café Zarah

It had been closed for renovations over the past few months, but finally Beijing’s most beloved European bistro is back... and how! Café Zarah has returned with the same hearty Austro-German breakfasts and brunches that made it so popular with the expat and young professional crowds, but with the added bonus of a new spruced up space of polished concrete walls, thick wooden furniture and pretty glass-globe lights. Not only that, but the space has almost tripled in size, which makes for a far more leisurely loll in front of your morning spread of multi-grain bread rolls, boiled eggs, cold meats and creamy cheeses.

Another welcome addition is an Italian-style stand-and-drink coffee bar for those who need their caffeine hit in a hurry – although it seems a shame not to savour one of the best brews in the city! Their wholesome, oversized breakfasts can now also be enjoyed in the new tree-shaded courtyard where the Wi-Fi runs fast and free, or satisfy those inescapable mid-afternoon munchies with their stuffed-to-splitting baguettes and Gustomenta ice cream. Then when dusk rolls around, order a glass of Prosecco and totter on upstairs to the refurbished rooftop terrace for a relaxed sip session, perhaps a light bistro nibble or two, and views of the late summer sun setting over the city. Day’s dining sorted.
46 Gulou Dongdajie / Dongcheng / +86 10 8403 9807 /