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Bilingual Bijou Eatery

September 29, 2014
Mr. Shi’s Dumplings

Though it’s one of the Chinese capital’s most sought-out visitor attractions, local dining in the hidden hutongs of Beijing can often be fraught with many ‘lost in translation’ moments unless one possesses prowess in Mandarin language department. But that’s where Mr. Shi’s Dumplings has carved out its winning edge. With its bilingual menu, hand-drawn map and global currency tabletop decor, the bijou eatery has firmly established itself as a foreigner-friendly joint popular with locals, expats and visitors alike.

Within the intimate, homey space, a kitchen window allows diners to peer in and watch the made-to-order dumplings being created from scratch, from meat-filled options like chicken and chives, and mutton and zucchini, to vegetarian varieties including cabbage and tofu, capsicum and eggplant, and cheese and egg. While the namesake morsels are Shi’s main drawcard, the chefs also cook up local classics like sweet and sour chicken, and Sichuan-style fried string beans that pair perfectly with Beijing beers on tap and pots of various Chinese teas. And, just to make sure the foreigner-welcoming reputation remains well intact, Mr. Shi’s even invites diners to add their creative offering the ever-changing wall mural once the meal is done.

74 Baochao Hutong / Gulou Dongdajie / Dongcheng / +86 10 8405 0399