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Long-Anticipated Arrival

September 01, 2014
BBC (Bottle, Boot & Cigar)

Douglas Williams is a man already well-known in Beijing’s cocktail scene, having consulted on some of the city’s most beloved bars including Apothecary, Janes & Hooch, and Peekaboo to name but a few. And with such a popular cache of projects to his name, it’s no surprise then that local beverage aficionados have eagerly awaited the launch Williams’ own establishment. Cue BBC (Bottle, Boot & Cigar), an intimate, 250 sq ft gentlemen’s den featuring a barrage of premium liquors, Mediterranean floor tiles, and an inner room where shoe polishes and straight-razor shaves with Truefitt & Hill products are the order of the day.

In lieu of a cocktail menu, expert bartenders have free reign of Williams’ carefully curated collection of rare and small-batch spirits lining the wall-to-wall shelves. Tailor-made concoctions can include a splash of Chichibu’s Japanese whiskey, a measure of barrel-aged Chartreuse Verte VEP, or a nip of artisanal Hangar 1 vodka infused with Buddha’s Hand lemons. Guest participation is encouraged, so don’t be afraid to get in on the creativity and experiment with their range of tinctures and bitters, including French-made L’Extreme d’Absente and Delaware’s Bittermens. Oh, and there’s a selection of cuban cigars to round off the manly experience. Quaff, puff, perfect!

1 Taipingzhuang Nanli / Chaoyang District / 6pm-2am daily / +86 186 1405 7407 / soon to launch website: