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An Introduction to Baiju

November 17, 2014
Capital Spirits

For those unfamiliar with Chinese hard liquor – baiju is one of the more potent wines derived from sorghum or rice, and is often imbibed during special occasions from important business meetings to wedding banquets. While popular with older Chinese people, this traditional tipple remains an acquired taste amongst younger locals and Westerners, not least due to its very high alcohol content, which can reach up to a stagger 60%! Hoping to bridge this generational and cultural gap though now comes Capital Spirits, a little hutong bar billed as the first in the world dedicated to the powerful elixir. 

Set in a restored shophouse of distressed concrete walls, antiques, and wooden furniture, CS’s 4-man team pours introductory, thimble-sized servings from their selection of over 40 baiju varieties, like Guilin Sanhua, Yanghe Blue Dream and Maotai Flying Fairy. Now you’ve dipped your toe, the brave can dive into the robust baiju-based cocktail list, including the snake-infused Anaconda with Reposado tequila, Colombian coffee and lime juice, or if the potent new tipple is really not for you, take a time-out with something slightly more familiar like local beers or premium whiskeys. Deep breath… ready to go again? 

3 Daju Hutong / Dongcheng / +86 10 6409 3319 / 8pm-1am Tue-Sun /