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Float Your Boat

February 20, 2014
Amphawa Floating Market

In the teeming, sprawling, concrete jungle that is Bangkok, day trip respite is not only much needed, but also thankfully requires minimal effort for maximum payoff in experiences that look and feel a million miles away. Take the delightful Amphawa Floating Market for example – less than 90 minutes from the city the charming little canal-side town of Amphawa comes alive each weekend for the market, where food, handicrafts, and vintage objects are sold along the central waterway by merchants from their wooden paddle boats, and local Thai people make up the majority of attendees – so a tourist trap it certainly is not.

In addition to boats offering freshly cooked pork and rice, Pad Thai, and grilled seafood, the canal is also lined with shops selling everything from clothing, toys, and carved wooden souvenirs to local art and of course, yet more food and sweets. Once you’ve eaten and shopped to capacity, what better time to board a longtail boat and explore the surrounding network of canals snaking off the Mae Khlong river, as well as the nearby attractions like the tree and root-covered Wat Bang Koong temple, home to a curious collection of animal residents including a camel, ostrich, pigs, deer and peacocks. You sure won’t see that in Bangkok proper!

Amphawa District / Samut Songkram / Amphawa / 3:00 - 9:00 pm Sat-Sun