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Float Away

January 16, 2017
Bangkok Float Center

If your idea of a New Year’s detox involves flopping rather than fasting, and zoning out rather than working out, then the Bangkok Float Center is for you. Who needs meditation, when you can let go of all your worries, distracting thoughts and even gravity in a pampering pleasure pool?

The city’s swish Bangkok Float Center now has a new home at Show DC Entertainment Mall, near the RCA. Customers seeking some chill-out time can float in a tank of 35.5-degree-Celsius salt water to create an almost no-gravity condition amid total sensory deprivation. Bliss!

Experienced staff will start by orientating you. After a shower, you’ll receive earplugs to block out any surrounding sound. Step into your relaxing Dream-pod, close the lid, lie back in the skin-temperature water and get comfy. When you’re ready, switch off the lights to help your mind drift away. The therapy starts with 10 minutes of soothing Celtic music, before you savour the feeling of astronaut-like weightlessness and peace, with one-hour or 90-minute sessions available.

Float fans report that a wallow in the pod is equal to a yoga or meditation session, leaving them as refreshed as if they’d had a good kip. Boasting impressive physical and psychological benefits, from boosting calmness to busting jet lag, it certainly beats a stiff G&T as a healthy way to see in 2017!

Bangkok Float Center / 4/F / Show DC Entertainment Mall / 99/9-99/6 Rama 9 / Rachada / +66 2 909 9364 87 / 10am-10pm daily /