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April 13, 2015
Theta State Float Center
The round-the-clock frenetic energy of Bangkok is partly what makes it such an exhilarating destination. However, there’s no denying that days of tuk-tuk-ing thither and yon – from temples to galleries to top eateries – can leave you limper than a glass noodle. For those seeking a small window of sensory respite, consider the capital’s first ever flotation spa, Theta State Float Center, which lets you blissfully bob in unlit, silent, saltwater pods, specifically designed to facilitate meditation and body wellness.

Sessions start with a calming herbal cuppa in the earthy-hued reception where first-time floaters can have an introductory chat with one of the owners Annile Alexander. From there it’s into one of the two floating rooms: one is a light- and sound-proof capsule, the other is more of a paddling pool, and so the better option for those with claustrophobia concerns. Once you’ve stripped off and stepped in, the music and lamps dim leaving you to loll about in skin-temperature, Epsom-enriched water, free from any visual and auditory stimulation for a whole heavenly hour.

Studies show the womb-like weightlessness of being in the float tanks can alleviate muscle strain, boost creativity and, according to some advocates, induce hallucinatory experiences. But even if you don’t drift off into fantasies of sailing Lake Como with Clooney, you’re still guaranteed to leave feeling de-stressed, recharged and ready to bite back into that Big ole Mango.
1/F / 24th Avenue Mall / Soi Sukhumvit 24 / Klong Ton / +66 8 3775 2020 / 11am-10pm Tue-Sun /