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A Cut Above

July 20, 2015
In some of the more, shall we say, immersive areas of the Siam capital it’s not uncommon for barbers to solicit their services on the street – fancy a free side of car exhaust fumes with your close shave, sir? Well, if that doesn’t quite, ahem, cut it for you, consider Erawan Bangkok’s Barberford, a genteel groomer where dapper dandies can get fuzz-free in the secluded comfort of their own private room.

Wrapped in dark woods with heavy drapes and chocolate leather accents, this spiffy salon is a world away from its shopping centre surrounds. As soon as you step inside you’ll be whisked into your own curtained nave, set in a cushy custom-made chair and attended to by one of the straight blade-parading staff (all of whom have 10+ years of experience in the trimming bizz).

Then out come the razors and with them a cause for consideration in the form of the service menu which, offers not just your standard clean cheek and short back-n-sides, but global options like the modern Japanese shear or the classic European wet shave.

And once you’re smoothed and smelling nice (thanks to their covetable stash of JS Sloane and Kiehl’s prods) they can even snip, style and set your manly mane too. Lookin’ sharp.
4/F / Erawan Bangkok / 494 Phloenchit Rd / +66 2 251 0422 / 11am-8pm daily