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Painting Poses

May 26, 2014
Art in Paradise
Scoff as you may at the hordes of tourists pretending to prop up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or touch the tip of the Eiffel Tower with a trick of lens perspective, deep down we all love the odd self-indulgent holiday snap. With this in mind, Art in Paradise set about creating a three-dimensional arts museum in which visitors are not only allowed, but encouraged, to pose for their very own money shot – an idea that proved so successful with its first branches in Pattaya and Chiang Mai that it has now been unveiled in Bangkok.
Employing the mandatory over-the-top facial expressions, visitors are invited to step up to various (and perplexingly realistic) 3D murals that when photographed become dramatic scenes, such as scrambling across a ropey waterfall-spanning swing bridge or being poured out of a gigantic Alice in Wonderland-style teacup. The family-fun space boasts 50-plus sprawling paintings across eight themed sections, and another 150 images you can play with through computer software that responds to your movements. The artworks are as bright and busy as the streets of Bangkok but the whole experience is the best sort of kitsch fun, and, thanks to clever shading and borders, the resulting photos are as life-like as they are laughter-inducing. Strike a pose!

4/F / Esplanade Shopping Mall / Ratchadapisek Rd / Din Daeng / +66 2 660 9130 / 10am-10pm daily /