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Street Food, Elevated

May 19, 2014
Z Cafe
It’s hard to beat the taste and value of authentic Thai street food, but getting a mouthful of car exhaust fumes as you’re munching on some somtam is no one’s idea of fine or fun dining. Fortunately, the good folks at Z Café have solved this problem by bringing Isaan street flavours indoors, and specifically to a bare-brick n’ timber 70-seat eatery that keeps the vibe cool and casual, while the menu of comfort-classic staples brings a hearty thwack of heat and colour.

Flavour-packed safe bets include the house somtam poo plara (papaya salad with crab and fish) and fried chicken wings, although for more adventurous eaters there is some fusion fare to be had (think spaghetti with deep-fried catfish) – but whatever you do, don’t miss the bubbling jim joom Isaan hot pot, served with slivers of meat, fish, green garnishes and two dipping sauces. To pair, the drinks menu lists draft beers and a selection of syrupy-sweet cocktail creations like the Electric Passion with gin, passionfruit and citrus. Be warned however, that just like at a street vendor you can expect to queue – loyal locals and expats have made Z an A-list spot for fast service and great value – minus the fumes.

Sukhumvit Soi 33 / +66 8 2576 7767 / lunch & dinner daily