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Coffeas Coffee Lab & Pub

March 31, 2014
Craft Coffee
Although the emergence of the modern-day coffee house (helmed by Starbucks in the nineties) was novel to begin with, once it became a ubiquitous part of our culture so too did the average frothy latte. Then something like Coffeas Coffee Lab & Pub comes along and suddenly the art of coffee-making becomes new and exciting again. This craft concept tucked away in Bangkok’s Green Connect is a veritable brew boffin’s haven of workshops, cutting edge products and techniques, with an innovative menu of coffee-based treats.

Grown in Chiang Rai province and picked by the Akha hill tribe (who were once famous for growing opium), the Arabica beans they use here have been grown at high altitude in a shaded forest, which allows the coffee to ripen slowly and, of course, delivers a completely different flavour. With these exceptionally rich grounds, CCL serves standard coffee renditions from antoccino to espresso and ristretto, as well as a selection of leftfield options like a fizzy cold drip coffee mixed with soda and lemon, and a cascada tea which is brewed from the dried berries of the coffee plant, and served with either ginger syrup or a shot of Thai rum. Modest bites accompany and change daily, like fresh toast with homemade macadamia pesto, or buttery bread pudding and sweet coffee jelly. Rock up and smell the coffee!

The Green Connect / Sukhumvit 31 / +66 8 1923 0499 /