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Vibrant Mexican

April 21, 2014
Piñata Mexicana
There’s a good reason Mexican food is not only listed by UNESCO as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ but can also be found (like the ubiquitous Irish pub) in almost any city across the world: because it’s awesomely delicious. So madre mia knows why it’s taken Bangkok so long to cotton on, but now that Chicago-trained chef Frank Sitipredanant (formerly of High Hat) has opened the floodgates with his hip new Mexican concept Piñata, we suspect a torrent of Central American eateries are set to come rushing in after him.

The setting is a gorgeously authentic two-story shophouse awash with vibrant candy-coloured walls, with papel picado bunting stretching across the space, and of course an array of their papier-mâché namesakes hanging from the ceiling just begging to be beaten. Sitipredanant puts particular pride in his homemade tortillas and sauces, and uses locally-sourced organic ingredients where possible for classic Mexican platos like lime- and chilli-zested guacamole with homemade flour tortilla crisps; spicy deep-fried ‘dynamite squid’; huevos rancheros with tomatoey brown rice, fried duck egg and meat; and hard-shell tacos filled with blue crab, or juicy stewed pork shoulder. Round off with a mean margarita or mojito and you’re in for a real fiesta. Ándale, ándale!

159/15 Thonglor soi 7-9 / +86 2 392 7881 / 5pm-midnight daily /