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segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2015
L’Appartement Sézane

The moment you set foot in L’Appartement Sézane, you’re going to wish that Morgane Sézalory was your personal-stylist-cum-interior-designer-cum-best-friend. Her gimlet eye is sharper than Yves Saint Laurent’s suits, not to mention responsible for one of France’s best-loved womenswear brands, Sézane.

Having finally made the transition from clicks to bricks (sort of), the label has taken residence in a glorious, light-filled abode in the city’s chi-chi second arrondissement. And of course, Sézalory’s handsome creations look right at home in the impeccably appointed space.

Navajo-inspired stoles adorn Mid-Century Modern accoutrements, while brass rails accommodate the lovely, limited seasonal collections full of pieces you’ll want to wear everyday.
But don’t call a cab to come and collect your purchases just yet. This isn’t a boutique in the traditional sense – it’s actually more of a gallery, where the dernier cri is there for you to feast your eyes upon, fondle and even try on – you just can’t take it home with you on the day. 

You can, however, jump on one of the at-hand computers or tablets and have your desired attire delivered to you the following day if you’re in Paris, or within 48 hours for the rest of France. Bon shop!

1 rue Saint-Fiacre, 2nd / 11am-8pm Wed-Sat / sezane.com