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Bangkok Burger

06 février 2014
Sweet Pista

The Bangkokian (and indeed global) upscale burger trend has been burgeoning for well over a year now – just look at the success of BKK Burger Factory, Beijing’s Burger Bar and New York’s Umami Burger outpost. Proving now that the Thai capital’s appetite for juicy buns is far from sated is classic home-style joint Sweet Pista, recently reopened in a brand new location, and firmly asserting that the best burgers don’t necessarily need foie gras and caramelised onions toppers to be tasty.

The space may be diminutive, with a cosy blend of wooden furniture, brushed concrete walls, cute mismatched light fixtures and a bicycle strung up for good measure, but the flavour is super-sized, with a comfort classic menu spanning the likes of pork chop n’ mash and “Finger Lickin’” spare ribs, as well as the main event burgers. There are beef, pork and fish varieties, but we particularly like the cheeseburger, where an 180g beef patty, provolone cheese, lettuce and mayo nestle snugly inside a homemade bun to pure and simple perfection. SP burgers are served with salad, so be sure order a side of onion rings or Pista Fries shaken with anchovy and parmesan cheese, and if you’ve any room left there’s a rotating selection of yumsome cakes like strawberry cheesecake and apple crumble on hand for afters.

235/21 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Bangkok / +66 (2) 662 2866 / 11:00 am-11:00 pm Tue-Sun / facebook.com/sweetpistabangkok