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Senses of Thainess

Exploring Essential Thailand Through the Senses

Start your journey with an introduction to Thainess by skilful personal guides who will help you get acquainted with the nature of Thai people, culture and religion. Take a fun tuk-tuk ride to Thailand’s most renowned and biggest flower market where you can discover all kinds of popular fresh flowers, such as roses, orchids and lilies, and other flora-related items. Open 24 hours, you can enjoy shopping around for your favourite flowers all for a reasonable price. Hop on a tuk-tuk once again to visit the Museum of Siam, where you will learn about the history of Thai people and the development of Thailand from past to present. Delicious Thai street food awaits you at your next stop in Tha Phrachan, which is known for the capital’s best street food. As you eat you can enjoy watching treasured Thai street vendors in action. Tha Phrachan is also the location of Bangkok’s biggest market for Buddhist amulets, talismans and charms where we will guide you through. Continue your journey to an orchid farm via a long-tail boat and visit the over a hundred-year-old temple, Wat Koon Chan, before returning to the hotel for a Thai spa experience at the award-winning Peninsula Spa to end your Thainess journey in a truly Thai style.

What is the essence of Thainess? Certainly it is something rooted in religion, dramatic history and exquisite traditions, as well as openness to new ideas, accepting differences while treasuring courtesy, industry and heritage. It is a profound sense of playfulness and an eye for beauty and style. Uncovering it may take a lifetime or perhaps it can be done in just a day as a participant in The Peninsula Academy’s intriguing “Senses of Thainess” adventure. Join us on a voyage of discovery into the true heart of Thailand, intensely experienced through the human senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. Yes, “Senses of Thainess” is an intensive course on Thai classic and contemporary history and culture. But you will surely find it so exhilarating and delightful that it will hardly feel like any effort on your part at all. And by the time you finish, it will still only be the late afternoon.

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