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Holistic Conservation

A Coastal Mangrove Eco-Adventure

Discover one of the most productive and biologically complex ecosystems on Earth. Whether it's a nursery ground for fish, a food source for monkeys, deers and tree-climbing crabs, or a nectar source for bats and honeybees, it’s all here. Be whisked from the hotel to Thailand’s first urban Nature Education Centre, Bang Pu, in true Peninsula style before entering another world of riotous nature and vital ecosystems. Guided by award-winning naturalists, we’ll both show you the beauty and invite you to help make a difference yourself by planting some tender new mangrove saplings. Meanwhile, you’ll be introduced to the bird, plant and insect population in addition to gaining insight into all the varieties of forest with which Thailand is covered. You’ll emerge not only invigorated by the fresh sea air but with a deeper appreciation of the importance of conservation and a holistic sense of being a part of nature with a vested interest in seeing its beauty and diversity nurtured and conserved in perpetuity.

They live life on the edge. Located at the intersection of land and sea, mangrove forests support a wealth of life, from shellfish, birdlife to human beings. They are more important to the health of the planet than many people realise. And they are becoming endangered unless we do something to save them.

The Peninsula Academy gives you the opportunity to help you do just that. Join our “Forests of the Tide Eco Adventure” activity and see nature and appreciate the coastal mangrove environment as you never have before. 

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