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A Glimpse of the Royal Past

Celebrating the Art of Tea

In this exquisitely Asian Peninsula experience, take an exciting journey to the realms of the oldest and most expansive Chinese fortress known to history, the Forbidden City. This programme is comprised of an exclusive tour to the most private part of the Shu Fang Zhai Temple, where Emperor Qianlong would entertain officials for the ‘tea of three purities’. Finish it off by indulging in a bespoke, tea-infused set lunch at Huang Ting as our in-house tea master caters to your every gastronomic whim.

For almost five hundred years, from early in the Ming dynasty until the fall of the Qing in 1912, the Forbidden City in Beijing served as the centre of Chinese imperial power. Though the capital and palaces of the former Mongol Yuan dynasty were near the site of the present city, the vast palace that we know today, and its spatial location within the town that surrounds it, was very much the fruit of Emperor Yongle and his architects. Yongle’s dream of red mansions is now the largest surviving monument to China’s imperial past.

Following the incredible achievements of Yongle, Emperor Qianlong was also an integral part of the success of Chinese sovereignty during the Qian period. This programme provides an insider’s view of the intricate architecture of thkis majestic city and gives a glimpse of how the Chinese royals once lived their extraordinary lives. The journey continues at Huang Ting as our proficient tea master welcomes you back with a mouthwatering feast to complement your personalised tea ceremony.

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