An Afternoon with Renoir in Beverly Hills

An Artful Immersion

During a relaxed afternoon immersed in art, The Peninsula Beverly Hills guests may enjoy the opportunity to meet – and have a private art lesson with –artist Alexandre Renoir, great-grandson of the famous French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Guests will be chauffeured by a luxury house car to the Ace Gallery for a private tour. Next, they will walk a short block to Revolver, a tour to one of the city’s top galleries with extensive collection of Andy Warhol art.  Finally, they will stroll to Galerie Michael on Rodeo Drive, where Mr. Renoir will show his work and talk about the basics of painting and drawing. After the art lesson, a luxury car will whisk the guests and Mr. Renoir to the hotel for Afternoon Tea in The Living Room, where they will continue their conversation about art and the artist’s famous family.

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