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Tomorrow’s Products, Today

March 21, 2014
Tomorrow Box by Eco+Waza
In this day and age it’s fair to say most everyone has discovered the benefits and convenience of online shopping. Desired goods can usually be sourced for a significantly cheaper price than in brick-and-mortar stores, not to mention delivered straight to your doorstep – and the whole retail process can be conducted from your desk, couch, bed, abroad, or wherever. The only real challenge is finding the time to research and identify the products you actually want to buy, but leave it to the Japanese to come up with an ingenious concept to solve that problem too – introducing the Tomorrow Box.
Sustainable-chic online store Eco+Waza knows how busy you are, and that trawling the web for the latest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and homeware is sometimes a luxury you cannot afford. So they’ve created the Tomorrow Box, a monthly subscription service that sees a themed package shipped to you each month chock full of new regular and sample size products along with info on how to best incorporate the wares into your life. Previous boxes have included the ‘Cool Summer’ package featuring a printed cotton towel, chemical-free mosquito coils, Yuica citrus bath salts, KOTOHA essential oil shampoo and conditioner, pesticide free tea bags and more. And the best news is it’s all yours for under US$20 per month. Tomorrow’s never looked more promising!