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Desperately Seeking Sushi

March 14, 2016
Sushi Rinda
Snaring a table at top foodie destinations is becoming a bit of an obstacle course. Either the super-casual, no-res policy means you’re forced to queue for hours and can’t bring your posse, or the strictly policed, book-ahead culture means spontaneity goes out the window.

Serious sushi-seekers in Tokyo have become accustomed to months-long waits for the latest high-end hot spots – not to mention the accompanying tear-jerker prices. An exception to this rule, relaxed Sushi Rinda in Meguro is a refreshing respite, so grab a pal, pack an appetite and pop on over.

With a name riffing on the moniker of the owner’s daughter Linda, this approachable, quaint little sushi-ya is the perfect introduction to Japanese cuisine for foreign visitors to the capital. Its friendly, English-speaking itamae (chef) can help you navigate the menu, explaining what delicacies you’re eating and how to handle them. Order the omakase (chef’s selection) to keep things simple. Alongside the usual favourites – salmon roe and tuna – you’ll encounter seafood you’d rarely see outside Japan, from giant clams to abalone. Even the signature rice is extra fluffy, thanks to a special steaming procedure.

Sushi Rinda is an intimate affair, with a small pale-wood counter allowing you to see the chefs at work, up close and personal. Some dishes are cooked to order, others are a whirl of speedy knife skills. Expect fresh, delicious fare. Sugoi!

2-24-12 Shimomeguro / Meguro-ku / +81 3 6420 3343 / 5:30 pm-11:00 pm daily /