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Flower Power

April 04, 2014
Midtown Blossom
With spring finally in full swing, Tokyoites and visitors alike are throwing open the doors, blowing away the cobwebs, and stepping outside for the traditional springtime ‘hanami’ (literal translation: ‘flower viewing’) – and what better way to enjoy Japan’s iconic national flower than at the verdant Tokyo Midtown gardens, boasting 150 blooming cherry trees of eight varieties scattered throughout. Its annual Midtown Blossom event, running until 20 April, is famous for lighting up the glorious flowering trees at night, indoor floral art exhibitions and a ‘Street Museum’, where this year pieces by renowned artists Ichitaro Suzuki and Yosuke Nakazato will take pride of place.

In further celebration of the flower, the compound’s restaurants are serving up seasonal and sakura-inspired plates to complement their ample views of the surrounding blossoms – for instance, Silin’s seasonal vegetable stir-fry dish is followed by a fragrant cherry blossom ice-cream pud. On the weekends, Hollyhock Photo Studio will be holding professional photo shoots around the gardens, and subjects can even don kimonos for a more visually ‘authentic’ experience. Memento snap in hand, why not kick back hanami-style at the Martini Blossom Lounge with a glass of sparkling rosé brut. Kampai!

Until 20 April, 2014.

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