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Keep It Simple

April 29, 2014

Tsukiji Aosara Sandaime

As any true sushi-phile knows, freshness and simplicity always trump all manner of the foamy, complicated faff that is so often found in the Japanese culinary realm today. Perhaps nowhere is this more noted than at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Aosara Sandaime, located on the outskirts of the famed fish market and serving bargain-value but flip-fresh cuts every day, and so it’s little surprise that the restaurant’s Shanghai outpost employs a similarly pared back approach to great success.

From behind the Juniper wood counter, head chef Shuta Kamezaki and his team deliver course after course – or, more accurately, piece after piece – of pink Himalayan salt and citrus-seasoned fish with your choice of substitutions (should any morsel not be to your taste), and with your preferred amount of loose, barrel-stored rice on which the perfectly carved slivers are mounted. From vinegar-marinated flounder, melt-in-your-mouth fatty tuna and ginger and scallion-topped mackerel, to the creamiest uni, torch-seared Wagyu beef and sweet tamago omelette, all the crowd favourites are here with their own unique, but far from overpowering twists. Naturally, a bottle of sake from the solid drinks list makes for excellent accompaniment – just be sure to pace yourself lest your drinking outpace the food service. Simple and fresh!

191 Changle Lu / near Maoming Nan Lu / Huangpu / +86 10 5466 1817 / closed Sun