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Divans With Décor Direction

May 06, 2014

The Canvas

Whether you’re fortunate enough to find yourself with a blank canvas (be it a first home or a floor-to-ceiling revamp) or you simply wish to embellish your interior picture, personalised home furnishing concept The Canvas believes it can help. The ultimate playground for décor devotees, the upstairs space in the former French Concession showcases a curated selection of furnishings and home accessories (think scented candles from Voluspa and vases from Southeast Asia), and they even hold weekly workshops and offer one-to-one consultations with an ‘Interior Artist’.

Canvas’ specialty lies with sofas, divans and armchairs – very much inspired by the old-school English and French aesthetic – turned out in plush mocha, purple, grey and blue velvets. Models vary from the modern and undulating Belfort winged armchair in Persian blue or geometric print, to the classic wood-trimmed Resplendent Louis, and the studded two-seat Chesterfield on wooden and brass casters – but in case you’re worried your living space will resemble a rendition Liberace’s dressing room, Canvas cleverly offsets these luxurious pieces with modern minimalist coffee tables, dry-brushed consoles, simple mirrors, and ethnicky totems and sculptures. Meanwhile, workshops are orchestrated in both English and Chinese – this spring saw a flower arranging and ‘easy-fix’ interiors focus that included materials, afternoon tea and take-home bouquets to brighten up your own canvas.

170 Jiashan Rd / +86 21 5425 1817 /