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Health-Conscious Hero

April 12, 2017

Hunter Gatherer

From melamine-contaminated milk powder to artificially-manufactured eggs, Chinese diners have recently been subject to an unwelcome number of health scares, with untrustworthy food sellers making both eating out and cooking at home a tricky process. Thankfully, siblings and eco-advocates Harn and Anmao Sun decided it was high time to introduce a quality purveyor, and conceived health-centric grocery and canteen Hunter Gather (HG), sourcing produce directly from their own farms in Shandong and Chongming.

Set in an airy shophouse on expat-central Anfu Lu, HG opens onto the street with shelves full of international artisan-made sauces, spices, and snacks; a modest precursor to what’s in store above. Up the stairs, an open-concept space of communal blond wood tables and dining plus retail stations screams Eataly in Shanghai, and it’s a fab perch to indulge without worry. If you’re shopping, look out for seasonal, guaranteed chemical-free produce; DIY peanut and almond butters; and Boylan sugarcane-based rootbeer. Or better yet, take a seat and taste the flavours with a build-your-own bowl, where a daily menu might include five-grain rice with goji berries, tea-brined chicken and bell pepper salad. Add a fruity smoothie like the Deep Sea Acai blended with peaches, green tea and red grapes, and you’ve got a truly ‘hunter gatherer’ style meal – minus the work!

Rm 106 / 308 Anfu Lu / Xuhui / +86 21 5461 0552 / 10am-10pm daily /