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Heaven Scent

July 23, 2014
Ex Nihilo

Famed for its aromatic cuisine, herbaceous gardens, and illustrious perfume houses from Chanel to Guerlain, Paris has long appealed to the world’s olfactory senses – so what better place to pick out your own defining fragrance? Sure, you could choose off-the-shelf, but better still why not go bespoke at chic, Christophe Pillet-designed boutique Ex Nihilo, the perfume brand’s cobalt, mirrored and marbled flagship in the very heart of the upscale first arrondissement.

Here top perfumers will help you to create a personalised luxury fragrance. First, get the purist whiff possible of the eight base notes – including oud, rose, musk, rose, vetiver, and jasmine – via a bizarrely baroque, but excellently effective glass orb transmitter. Next, decide on the desired potency of your scent by adding raw materials like orange blossom, iris or sandalwood, with the expert nose on-hand and ready to advise on the right mix for your skin. The final ingredients are combined in the ‘osmologue,’ a high precision fragrance dosing system, and your signature scent is mixed right in front of you, completed with a range of original jus unavailable elsewhere. Seal the deal by choosing a cap, made in a range of luxury finishes from mother of pearl to leather, to stopper your bottle. Splash out and splash on!

352 rue Saint-Honoré, 1st / +33 1 40 15 93 77 /