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Purveyor of Paper

November 14, 2013
Dempsey & Carroll

As the wonder of being able to shoot off a message to someone in a matter of milliseconds fast loses its shine, the more discerning correspondent is reverting to the lovably archaic letter, and not with just any old pad and biro in hand but with the meticulous charm of custom-headed paper.

That said, quality engraved printing is not easy to come by nowadays so it is some relief (when finally emerging from an internet-induced coma) to find that one exemplary purveyor of social stationery, namely Dempsey & Carroll, still survives on the Upper East Side.

Despite dating back to 1878, Dempsey & Carroll remains on-trend with regular fresh collaborations like hand-lined envelopes motiffed with vibrant designs from fabric house F. Schumacher & Co., or whimsical hand-painted correspondence cards featuring poodles, London taxis and polka dots.

Meanwhile, their formal fare ranges from simple embossed calling cards and hand-painted thank you notes to opulent wedding invitations on 100% cotton fibre paper, with hand-applied custom edge borders in a choice of fancy type sets and an eye-popping range of hues like robins egg blue or raspberry pink. As one of the few stationers who still engrave on a metal plate – leaving the tell-tale subtle ‘bruise’ synonymous with quality craftsmanship – we can safely say Dempsey & Carroll leaves a most favourable impression!

1049 Lexington Ave
+1 212 570 4800