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Comfort Chinese

April 14, 2014

Gloria Maris Greenhills

Even as Manila eagerly partakes in global food trends (be it tapas, food trucks, the Cronut craze, and whatever else the C.21st appetite has in store), sometimes the tried-and-tested foods are the comfort flavours we crave. Case in point is Gloria Maris, the Cantonese restaurant in operation since 1995 and that most consider to be the city’s best Chinese, and that recently underwent the knife to unveil a sparkling new location in Greenhills, all the better to feed its many loyal patrons.
Occupying a staggering 7,500 sq ft, the spacious and modernised Gloria Maris boasts multiple distinct dining areas in addition to the main room, including the ‘hot pot’ area (with soup base options like the hearty satay, spicy Szechuan, and traditionally Cantonese fish head with almond); and the rowdy dim sum dining room, serving up classic dishes from the ubiquitous (shrimp dumplings and barbecue pork buns) to the more adventurous and harder to find (chicken feet, shark’s fin siu mai). For special occasions there’s the gigantic banquet hall, or VIP private rooms, and a vast menu spanning regional favourites like Peking duck, wintermelon soup, braised abalone and Chiu Chow-style lapu lapu fish. With its newly immense digs to match, it’s as easy as ever to nab a seat for some hearty familiar flavours when you can’t face yet another teeny tiny tapas plate!
Missouri St / Greenhills Shopping Complex / +63 2 570 0921 /