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Visionary Vinci

November 07, 2013
Da Vinci: The Genius

One might argue that being born illegitimately to a peasant mother in the countryside of Vinci near Florence in 1452 is perhaps not the most auspicious start in life, but for Leonardo da Vinci, the unfortunate circumstances proved fortuitous.

Placed into the care and studio of Renaissance master painter Verrocchio at the tender age of 14, Da Vinci was discovered to be precociously talented – to the extent that, legend has it, upon witnessing his protégée’s accomplishment on their collaboration on The Baptism of Christ, Verrocchio lay down his brush and swore to paint no more. Apocryphal or not, Da Vinci’s intellect, ability, and unstoppable curiosity would see him become not only a master artist, but also a sculptor, designer, architect, engineer, scientist, anatomist, philosopher and musician before his death in 1519.

Gathering together detailed and enlarged reproductions of his famed anatomical drawings and artworks, as well as 3D renderings of the creation of the Mona Lisa, the giant Sforza horse sculpture and The Last Supper, this internationally acclaimed touring exhibition Da Vinci: The Genius, visits the Philippines at The Mind Museum this autumn. Don’t miss the meticulously constructed models and machines, many of them interactive, lifted from the famed mirror-written Codices so beloved of thriller writer Dan Brown. It’s all in The Mind.

The Mind Museum at Taguig, JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
+63 2 909 6463
until November 30th