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A Ripe Old Age

December 14, 2015
Forever Lab: Will You Still Love Me at 150?

While once the notion of living to a hundred was almost inconceivable, people are now hitting the big three digits with more frequency than ever. In fact, statistical projections indicate that, in many parts of the developed world, the next generation will have an average life expectancy of over a century.

But all this long living undoubtedly raises some questions. What factors are driving improvements in human health? Does more time mean more happiness? And what will life look like at the sesquicentennial stages?

Exploring these queries, with an entirely youthful sense of fun, is the new travelling exhibition Forever Lab: Will You Still Love Me at 150? which has now arrived at Manila’s The Mind Museum.

Built around the concept of ‘birthday noodles’ (a snack traditionally eaten on the anniversary of one’s arrival), the scientific showcase is made up of ‘packet’ exhibits. Each of these examines different ‘ingredients’ proven to promote vitality and longevity, from good genes, a healthy diet and exercise to customs, love and, of course, the best medicine of all: laughter.

With playful activities and interactive elements there’s sure to be plenty of the latter, plus you’ll find multimedia displays and brainbusters to keep the old noggin youthful. Fun for all ages!

Until 30 Dec, 2015.

The Mind Museum / J. Y. Campos Park / 3rd Ave / Taguig / +63 2 909 6463 / 9am-6pm Tue-Fri & Sat, till 9pm Sat /