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Glam Biker-Inspired Bespoke Jewellery

September 06, 2012
13 Lucky Monkey

Inspired, in their own words, by ‘kustom kulture and low brow, kustom jewellery and motorcycles’, the two former graphic designers turned bikers-cum-silversmiths behind dynamite Manila bespoke jewellery brand 13 Lucky Monkey certainly aren't giving themselves enough credit as far as we’re concerned.

Dante Dizon and Noli Conrado’s handmade, artisanal pieces belie their professed rough-and-tumble attitude, and instead serve as a testament to their precision, eye for detail and commitment to quality. It’s glam rock at its best, with their sought-after collection comprising signature skull rings reinvented in limited edition ranges of less than 26 pieces, and unique custom designs created in collaboration with their star-studded clientele.

Unpolished silver is their default material, but look out for newer pieces – including chains, wallets, money clips and cufflinks - featuring brass, gold and various precious and semi-precious stones.

Pieces are predominantly hammered and hand-carved, with graphic and naturally occurring patterns deliberately left raw and unfinished to show the intricate development of each item. Of course, in true biker style, all of this craftsmanship takes place ‘between rides’. You of course don’t have to be into Harleys or tattoos to enjoy the glam-rock chic of 13 Lucky Monkey, you just need to kultivate your street kred!

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