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Junk Jaunts

November 16, 2015

Michelangelo Luxury Junk Charter

With a name that literally reads as ‘Fragrant Harbour’ in English, it’s little surprise that one of the best ways to admire the soaring skyscrapers and lush peaks of Hong Kong is by taking to the water.

And while we would never sink your plans to bob over to the island on the Star Ferry, for an upscale seafaring foray, that will really float your boat, you can’t top a chartered trip on the Michelangelo Luxury Junk.

As you might have guessed from the Italian moniker, the style of this meticulously restored eighty-foot yacht is all Euro elegance with three decks, including a top teak sun level, repping a tempting over-water hammock.

Peek through the portholes and you’ll espy a mahogany-panelled, cobalt cushion-strewn living space, a glassy diner with a full-service kitchen, and plush king-size captain’s quarters with an ensuite.

But what is a boat without a crew? Fortunately, this handsome vessel has four additional guest cabins prepped to accommodate up to seven of your maritime mates, while the common spaces can cater to 50+, should you feel like throwing an at-sea soiree.

The team of expert staff include sailors, attendants and chefs, who will take care of your every whim, from plotting your course to preparing the courses you’ll enjoy enroute. Simply let your thoughts float away. All aboard!

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