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Pan-Asian Plates from Bali

July 03, 2014
Mama San

After leaving no stone unturned (nor dish untried) when scouring Southeast Asia for its wealth of cuisines, flavours, ingredients and nuances, Will Meyrick and Palm Amatawet went on to construct a street food-inspired, Pan-Asian program for Meyrick’s Bali restaurant Mama San, cementing its place as one of the island’s most popular tables, and Meyrick’s as its most revered chef. Such a lofty reputation did Mama San garner, that international expansion proved the next obvious step, and now thanks to a collaboration with the Dining Concepts group, the zingy, regional flavourfest has made its way to Hong Kong, setting up camp in Central. 

Much like its Balinese sibling, the new iteration channels a vintage, East-meets-West vibe, with oversized chocolate leather Chesterfields, a full-wall mural of the namesake Mama, and kitschy old-fashioned lampshades. Fans of the original will recognise many of the signature dishes and cocktails, like Burmese chicken curry with lemongrass, ginger, turmeric and yellow dahl; Indonesian babi guling (crispy roasted pig served with sambal and an assortment of sauces); Vietnamese crème caramel with a coffee granita, tapioca pearls and cincau black jelly; and the delish Coconut Mojito crafted with rum, coconut water, smashed mint and generous amounts of coconut flesh. Mmmm… come to Mama. 

1/F / 46 Wyndham St / Central / +852 2881 8901 / lunch & dinner daily /